AI Visual Communication

AICU - AI Creators Union Demo Reel 2024 Summer 

 "All following visuals are made by Japan-Based AI creators"

AIDirector  hakoniwa
Artist / VJ  marimosphere 
Creator/music  MISOSHITA
[AICU Hanene Production] 
Editor Hikaru Shoji
Project Manager hanegoro
Assistant Creator Kotone Chiyama
Financier Koji Tokuda 
Producer Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
produced by AICU Inc.
(97 sec, 7 days work for production)

 supported by 
Stability AI Japan 
Digital Hollywood 
Google for Startups


release note:
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Index of AICU - AI Creators Union Demo Reel 2024 Summer    "All following visuals are made by Japan-Based AI creators"

AICU as an AI Creators Union.

AICU Visual Communication is a virtual production company that can organize new talent to create fresh visuals using cutting-edge AI technology. We are a Japan-based international production company that shares the vision of "creating people who create," and works with advanced individual creators, specializing in the use of advanced AI, incredible speed, pipeline construction, and fascinating expression techniques. Working with individual creators, while collaborating with AICU media, AICU AIDX Lab and other technical productions, Stability AI, Digital Hollywood, Google For Startups, and other startup support, We are pioneering the next market for professional video production.

  • Making curated reels work with global partners.
  • To develop new visual communication markets.
  • Exploring "Proof of concept" to "Production ready".
  • Organizing individual cutting-edge creators.
  • Game, Music, VJ, Metaverse, Web3 experienced creators.
  • Partner, Sponsorship, and Technical evaluation are welcome.
  • "Japan-inspired" world-wide projects are welcome. 

Dr. Akihiko Shirai, CEO of AICU and producer of "AICU - AI Creators Union - Demo Reel 2024 Summer," the division's first presentation, said, "The openness of image-generating AI, represented by Stable Diffusion, has opened up new possibilities for visual expression for everyone. This is the culmination of more than 50 years of research in computer graphics and machine learning, shared at international conferences such as SIGGRAPH, and the relentless challenge of its creators. However, there are still many issues that need to be resolved in the production of images for large corporations, and AICU has a role as a Creator Union, a Cooperation Unit that connects corporations and creators with respect, and a platform for the creation of digital content. As an international start-up company from Digital Hollywood University with a long history in digital contents, we would like to contribute to the future development of creators in an open manner through corporate activities and online communication. This reel was produced in a very short period of time, and would not have been possible without the passion and AI image generation technology of the three creators and the production team who participated in this project. The difficult elements and pipeline construction know-how of individual AI creators and corporate professional productions were also rapidly gathered. We have already received a good response from overseas companies, and we would like to continue this activity in the future, and would very much like to cooperate with interested companies and creators," he said.