Welcome to AICU's AIDX Workshop

Creating people who creates by creative AI driven user experience and professional development.

AICU has gained attention, especially for our AIDX workshops, in various fields including media, PoC development, educational consulting and book production. We have deep engagements with top global companies, receiving numerous serious consultations and marketing development in Japan.

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Our Mission
Our vision is "to create people who creates."
To realize this vision, our AIDX workshops adopt the following unique approaches:

The first customer benefit

AIDX Hackathon!

AIDX: AI Driven user eXperience.
Make it one from zero.
Create LLM chat service, and Image generation for professionals use. Not only do we teach techniques in a short amount of time, but we also help advanced AI users in your company, design conflict resolution internally and with end users, and improve average skills.

The second customer benefit

Lift your team up!

Our advocacy workshops can extend your team's experience.
Highly skilled consultants as researchers, educators, and science communicators accompany you from high-end generative AI PoC development to social implementation at high speed chains.

Illustration of magic opened book covered with grass, compass, tree and stoned way on woody floor, balcony. Fantasy world, imaginary view. Book, tree of life, right way concept. Original screensaver.

How we deploy it!

Plan, execute, check, and deliver innovations to society. We will release services to demonstrate the concept, and use videos, blog posts, book publications, external and internal workshops, and events to disseminate the concept to society and innovate common sense with a strategy.

What's your benefit


Rapid Application & Practice of AI Technologies

  • Providing rapid and effective development methods utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies, such as those from OpenAI, Stability AI, and others.
  • Achieving swift skill and decision-making in small teams.

Developing to the Lead in the Generative AI Era

  • Deepen internal and external understanding of Metaverse and GenAI technologies, and enhance organizational capabilities.
  • Enable proactive development of attractive businesses and new services through CreativeAI development.

Ongoing Support and Advocacy

  • Driving innovation and solving legal and ethical issues.
  • Facilitate networking with AI developers and partners.
  • Facilitate open interaction with other AIDX players at similar stages of development.

Workshop Details

  • Target Audience: Business executives and development teams interested in AI development.
  • Content: Utilization of LLM, image generation AI, and service development.
  • Format: In-person and online sessions.