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About us

AICU is AI Creators Union, Art Intelligence Creative Universe, AI Creative Unit, 
AI Character Cookie Utility … and “I see you”!


Our story

"Stable Diffusion" transformed the world with the impact of generative AI, and Dr. Akihiko Shirai published [two books]( within two months of its release.
His 30 years of experience in R&D of CG and interactive technologies, including SIGGRAPH, and his 5 years of experience in R&D of Metaverse, which has produced many international IPs and papers, convinced him that Generative AI is the crack of Singularity and will send humanity to the next stage. However, in the midst of this, he decided to challenge what no one else in the world has done yet through social implementation and educational services, rather than R&D and papers.
He met various collaborators, including Koji Tokuda, a 20-year resident of Silicon Valley who was also challenging business development using generative AI, especially LLM.

The creativity and challenging spirit of the two, and the speedy business development in Japan and the U.S. at the same time, have led to a Digital Hollywood University venture and a U.S. startup company, AICU, with the vision of "creating people who create."

Our values:
Creating people who create, in the AIDX

We are a university-launched start-up company that is engaged in the innovation of generative AI and the social implementation of "Creative AI" based in Japan and around the world. We value not only the exploration of technology and the operation of commercial services, but also research and development, "science-communication", and human resource development, especially the creation of creative human resources, with a particular focus on the "value yet to be discovered.
We collaborate with the world's top generative AI model builders, always have cutting-edge technology in our possession, and have acquired numerous IP related to applications and UX (we call it as AIDX: AI Driven user eXperience), sometimes open-sourced, or shared with the public in the form of blogs, news site articles, workshops We share them with the public, sometimes in the form of open source, sometimes in the form of blogs, news site articles, workshops, and so on. AICU's value lies in its methodology for value-added creation, which cannot be done by the company alone. This is an activity that creates value over a long period of time in the rapidly evolving technology of generative AI, an activity that is difficult for mere technologists or marketing personnel. The value of the AICU is that it is able to give young talents and all those who have difficulties in life the possibility of sustainable development in an inclusive manner over a long period of time.


Our history

  • October 2023: Akihiko Shirai joins as CEO and begins full-scale activities.
  • July 2023: Koji Tokuda registers "AICU Inc." under Delaware law.

Our team

We are active in avatars, but our real faces are much more attractive and we would love to meet you in our business.


Akihiko SHIRAI, PhD

CEO and Founder

Multifaceted professional with an impressive array of roles. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering (TokyoTech) and is active as a writer, researcher, educator, and technical producer in VTuber/Metaverse R&D. He is the inventor of Metaverse UX and HCI, and has over 30 inventions in his 30-year career.


Koji Tokuda

CFO and Founder

Specialist of i-CEO, COO, CFO. Bridging Japan-SiliconValley for 20 years. Focused on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, AI business. Venture Capitalist, Technology & Financial Consultant, International Business Creator.




AICU media

Lead Technical Artist and Media Div.

Ask detail of us via ChatGPTs.


Our culture

Tokyo - Sunnyvale - Metaverse

Company news

Our daily AI news blogs in Japanese and English