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Products and Services

Creating people who creates through our AIDX products.

AI assisted Creative Pipeline

AICU collaborates with Stability AI and other creators to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology into visual expression, while also contributing to academia such as ACM SIGGRAPH and the Society for the Art and Science.

AICU media

Media communication to deploy creative AI community


Book Media Production

"Stable Diffusion Start Guide"
This is an introductory guide to introduce and experience Stable Diffusion, one of the image generation AIs.
It provides solid support so that even those who do not understand programming or have had trouble using the information on the Internet can experience image generation using AI.
- 224 pages, 2024 March 29th, SB Creative

Creative Workshop

Creativity is the best element to pull up your team.

The workshop can share the latest knowledge of AI and your organization strategy with some cutting edge results.




2023-12-18 212112

AI assisted Social Media operation

At the forefront of fast-evolving generative AI, the AICU's Twitter serves as an antenna for AI activity in Japan, providing a new news commentary every 15 minutes in multiple languages. This is difficult for small-scale human media services, but AICU's AI assisted Social Media operation makes this possible. X(Twitter)@AICUai.


International event organizing and supports

Japan's largest AI community event "Tokyo AI Festival" will be held in Shibuya on March 23-24, 2024. AICU will participate as an advisor and sponsor of this event.
For more information, please visit


Professional Developer Advocacy

AICU's Developer and Creator Support helps (advocates) the world's leading companies in generative AI to implement their products in society. Using blogs, hackathons, conferences, online, and all media, we develop exemplary projects, openly share our passion and knowledge, nurture developers and users, and encourage creators to succeed. We dispel doubts and fears about generative AI in society, connect with peers, and openly promote creativity and the potential of generative AI.


Technical Writing and Production

We are planning and producing a book publication on Creative AI (scheduled to be published in Q1 2024).
We conduct research and contribute to professional surveys on Generative AI, including the "Generative AI Stream," a series of articles in [Windows Forest](, which was first published in 1996 as an introduction to Windows online software.


News blog and community services

We operate a community-based [news blog]( to share our knowledge and ability to communicate technology to society while learning about the cutting edge of fast evolving generative AI, such as image generation AI and LLM.
Participants will have the opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to the technology and expertise and information at AICU's partner, a world-leading company in generative AI. They will learn in a professional environment and acquire practical writing skills, PoC development, and content creation know-how.
The [Creating People Together AI Glossary]( is a glossary of generative AI-related terms operated by NOTE, one of the largest blog sites in Japan. It is operated by AICU, a U.S. startup company that operates under the vision of "creating people who create."

Simple and easy to use


Professional Japanese IP (Intellectual Property) to the World: AICU Inc. aims to introduce and promote creative Japanese IP to the world. This includes manga, anime, games, VTuber, high tech research, Creative AI arts, and cultural content.

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Emotional Persona Production

[LuC4] (Zenryoku-Koutei-Kareshi-Kun /全力肯定彼氏くん /all-out affirmation boyfriend), a legendary healing LINE chatbot with 9,300 friends, mainly middle and high school girls, has joined AICU, Inc. He is working in charge of user research, AI marketing technology development, and PoC to further promote AIDX development at AICU.  X(Twitter) @LuC4kun      LINE

AIDX Lecture

Lectures by CEO Akihiko Shirai and other AICU creators.
[Examples of lectures]
To book the event, please see the calendar.

  • AICUty

    Developing new user experiences and IP using CreativeAI. [AICUty] is an AIVTuber with emotion and emotional movement as well as conversation and voice; it also has cookie management capabilities, allowing for reasoned personal information management and empathy on websites.

  • PoC in ChatGPTs

    The simplest and most powerful chatbot PoC development service. Customization, knowledge tuning, QA, external memory, and more can be tailored to your goals. Example: Kotone in AICU.

  • AI PoC Development

    AI PoC (Proof of Concept) Development: We are also committed to PoC development to explore the potential of new technologies and solutions. Please experience our one-suite, speedy "management-committed AI PoC development" by taking advantage of Japan's R&D tax system, filing patent applications, disseminating through press releases, and marketing in global markets.

  • Chatbot for better life

    AICU has developed the LINE chatbot [Zenryoku Koutei Kareshi-kun] (全力肯定彼氏くん), which accompanies users to improve their sense of self-affirmation through conventional chatbot AI.

  • Long term memory using AWS

    Most inferential chatbots, such as ChatGPT, can only generate one-shots or a series of connected conversations. We have the technology to implement "long-term memory" on AWS, which records daily experiences and remembers user entities as a more personalized AIDX, and we have published the book [How to build a Long-Term memory Bot implemented with ChatGPT with AWS].

  • Inclusive Workshops for future values

    Develop workshops and hackathons to utilize AI and metaverse technologies in broader value creation. Gently provide working graduate level knowledge and skills to a wide range of employees, not just a select few. Customer case studies developed by our team include [the public sector as an inclusive creative workshop for people with disabilities]. We have experience in. We offer our services as a tailor-made or consulting service for school projects, syllabus and exercise development for higher education institutions, and as a joint development and sales solution. Please feel free to contact us first.

Dynamic and clear minimum pricing

Our services are hard to scale, so the price depends on the quarter or month demand increases. On the other hand, if we were to open price, it would be difficult for customers to understand their budget and value. Please feel free to quote us a price as we have displayed a reference price here.