Let's have a festival in Shibuya with Japanese GenAI startups!

Tokyo AI Festival

Tokyo AI Festival 2024
March 22nd - 24th 2024, Shibuya Stream and related in Tokyo

AICU is the official promotion partner of the Tokyo AI Festival 2024.

Theme: Prayers for a good harvest in the Japanese AI industry
Mission 1: Boosting the success of Japan's generative AI startups and product development companies
Mission 2: Promote the appeal and use of domestically produced LLMs
Mission 3: Boosting Japan's image generation AI community and accelerate research and development

Shibuya Stream is the pop culture center of Tokyo, home to the "all-too-famous intersection" built in 2018; the headquarters of Google; and the home to the "new" Shibuya Stream, which was built in 2018 and is the first of its kind in the world.



The "Tokyo AI Festival" will consist of main events by three locally generated AI communities and related events by VC Salon and others.


The pre-event of the "Tokyo AI Festival" took place in January 2023.

"AI Image Festival"


"Generation AI Mirai Festival"

Mirai = "Future" in Japanese

LLM Festival

The Team

It is run by a group of students led by CryptoAI, one of the youngest talents in the Japanese startup community.

Sponsors and supporting companies at this time include.
BigTechs such as "Microsoft" and "Microsoft for Startup - Founders Hub" as well as "ACCEA," an on-demand printing startup. NovelAI is a company making headlines for its image and novel generation AI. Niji-Journey is Mid-Journey's very popular anime and manga-style image generation service. Stateraito Office is a certified solution development partner specializing in Google Workspace products with a focus on satellite offices. AKINDO is a Web3 protocol company. GUGA: Association to Generalize Utilization of Generative offers skill certification exams in generative AI.
And "AICU" is a communication development company for generative AI with a vision of "creating people who create in the AIDX era".

The advisors of this event, especially Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D., CEO of AICU, are also participating as Director for scientific affairs.

VIP Tour (Operated by AICU)

AICU's US Office is proposing the following support services to maximize the non-Japanese speaking participant experience at this event.

VIP Tour (Operated by AICU)

[Official] AICU's offering 3,000 USD

AICU will add the following support plans as a package!
  • All included of the Premium
  • Priority Participant Support
    [English to Japanese] Assistant Interpreter
    [English to Japanese] Brochure, website

  • [Options] Sponsor Supports: Supporting interpreter translation for TokyoAI's company sponsorship plan.
    Printed media, Business card support, Company visiting, Field research tour and  Museum reservation...

AICU's US Office is proposing the following support services to maximize the non-Japanese speaking participant experience at this event.

For international startups, direct contact with key countries, cultures, and communities to get a sense of the economy (food, office rent, consumer life, popular smartphone apps, etc.) and understanding is a very important part of the engagement and will help you develop your business and startups. We believe that this will be an important activity in the development of segregation and cooperation between your business and startups. Of course, it is also an important promotional opportunity for those who are looking at the consumer market for creative AI, such as those pioneered by Niji-Journey and NovelAI from abroad. Please contact us if there is anything AICU can help you with in terms of community development and localization.

AICU is a company that creates engagement opportunities that go beyond putting out sponsor logos, specifically "creating people who create"!



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