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Frontiers of Generative AI at CCSE2023, the R&D conference, on computer science for enterprise (1)


Frontiers of Generative AI at CCSE2023, the R&D conference, on computer science for enterprise (1)

Hello, I’m Dr.Shirai, the representative of AICU. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the “CCSE2023” event held at the University of Tokyo on December 22, 2023. From that experience, I’m excited to share an inside look at three defining aspects of Japanese companies’ computer science research and development in 2023, with a special focus on developments in generative AI.


What is CCSE?

CCSE stands for Conference, on Computer Science for Enterprise, and is a conference that has been going on since 2017 to share the R&D results of IT companies. The secretariat is operated by the CyberAgent Group, and it is operated in a relatively open manner. https://ccse.jp/2023/

First time offline in 4 years

The in-person conference was transformed to online since the end of 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this setback, we were able to host our first offline conference in approximately four years and we are thrilled with its success. I can only imagine the immense challenges our team at the secretariat had to navigate. I want to take this moment to express my deep appreciation and thanks.

Overview of CCSE2023:

Date and time: December 22, 2023 (Friday) 10:00 ~ 18:00 Venue: Ito Hall, University of Tokyo.

Participation fee: 1,000 yen

Presenting companies: CyberAgent Inc. Mercari Inc. Preferred Networks Inc. TIS Inc. ExaWizards Inc. ZOZO NEXT Inc. Cygames Inc. Square Enix Inc. Sansan Inc. Panasonic Holdings Inc. IO Data Equipment Inc. Rakuten Group Rakuten Institute of Technology Co., Ltd. rinna Co., Ltd. OMRON SINICX Co., Ltd.

Introduction from the list of presentations

CCSE2023 timetable

With two sessions running parallel to each other, we were presented with a rich roster of 24 sessions in total, encompassing six fields supplemented by collaborative discussions. Each of these sessions was centered around AI and creativity, a melding of disciplines producing truly fascinating subjects. While it’s beyond the scope of this writing to delve into all these enlightening talks, I believe it’s only fair to offer a nod of respect towards their contributions. As such, I’m going to provide a list of the session titles, speakers, and their affiliations.

large language model

  1. Verification of Merge Technology for Large-scale Language Models Ryosuke Ishigami, CyberAgent, Inc.
  2. Publication of Japanese Language Pre-Learning Model and Its Significance, Kei Sawada rinna Corporation
  3. Development of Contract Analysis Technology in Contract One, Daiki Hosaka Sansan Corporation
  4. Data construction using Zero-shot Learning for large-scale language models and its development application, Yuji Oshima Mercari Inc.


  1. Revisiting the Metaverse as a Web Application: Organic Linkage of Avatar, Communication, and Generative AI, Masato Yoshimi TIS Inc.
  2. 3D Makeup Research for Creating Attractive Digital Humans Xingchao Yang, Takashi Taketomi, CyberAgent, Inc.
  3. Learning Pseudo-Random Number Generator: An Adversarial Generative Network for Generating Statistically Robust Random Numbers, Seishiro Okada, Cygames, Inc.


  1. Practical Application of AI Fully Automated Debugging by End-to-End Virtualization and Parallelization of Game Services, Shuichi Kurabayashi Cygames, Inc.
  2. A Visualization Method for Gaze Cues to Facilitate the Initiation of Informal Conversations in 3D Virtual Space, Masahiro Ide, TIS Inc.
  3. Natural Language Processing for Digital Games (1) Hierarchical Consideration of Ethics, Yusuke Mori, Square Enix Co.
  4. Natural Language Processing for Digital Games (2) Utilization of Small Models, Yusuke Mori, Square Enix Co.


  1. Research and Development of Service Robots Using Human Power, Ken Ando Panasonic Holdings Co.
  2. Understanding “Positive” Human Behavior for Real-World AI Services, Ryu Yoneya, CyberAgent, Inc.
  3. Adapting to game trees in zero-sum imperfect information games, Masashi Kozuno, Omron Scinex Corporation

Retail Tech, Quantum

  1. Delivery Plan Optimization and Its Effectiveness in the Internet Super Market Business, Osamu Masutani Rakuten Institute of Technology, Rakuten Group, Inc.
  2. Challenges and Application Approaches for Handling HW and FW Failures in Wide-Area Digital Signage, Keisuke Ueno Koichiro Okuno I-O DATA DEVICE Co.
  3. Application of Quantum Approximation Optimization in Fermion Form to Power Demand Portfolio, Keita Sasada TIS Corporation
  4. On Research and Development Efforts in ZOZOTOWN Search, Tomoya Yamazaki, ZOZO Corporation


  1. Research on Data Creation UI for Machine Learning, Keita Higuchi Preferred Networks, Inc.
  2. Application of Image AI to Education, Seigo Yamashita, ExaWizards Inc.
  3. A System for Interpreting Ambiguous Expressions Specific to Fashion Using Image Language Models, Ryotaro Shimizu, ZOZO NEXT Co.

collaborative talk

‘The Purpose of University Collaborations and Case Studies’

This session will explore the importance of industry-university collaboration and specific examples of such collaboration. Based on each company’s experience, we will discuss how joint research with universities can drive innovation and create new value for companies. We will also delve deeply into the objectives of joint research and strategies for maximizing results.

So Mashiko, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Shuji Kuramoto, TIS Corporation
Mayu Otani, CyberAgent, Inc.
Keita Higuchi, Preferred Networks, Inc.

“Strategies and Current State of Generative AI.”

The evolution of generative AI is having a significant impact on companies’ business strategies. In this session, we will discuss the latest trends in generative AI and how to incorporate it into your strategy, based on the experiences of different companies. We will also explore the impact and potential of AI on business and the challenges associated with it.

Ryosuke Ishigami, CyberAgent, Inc.
Kei Sawada rinna, Corporation
Takayuki Saruta, Sansan Corporation
Yuji Oshima, Mercari Inc.

“The Significance and Purpose of R&D Organizations in the Enterprise.”

This session will discuss in depth the role of R&D organizations in maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of companies. Based on each company’s experience, we will explore the design, management, and significance of the organization. The session will also touch on how R&D organizations contribute to corporate growth and innovation.

Kota Yamaguchi, CyberAgent, Inc.
Shuichi Kurabayashi, Cygames, Inc.
Ken Ando, Panasonic Holdings Corporation

(Nostalgic Reflections…)

It’s no secret that numerous IT firms in Japan traditionally shy away from sharing their research findings with the broader community. The event, I believe, is held with the express purpose of challenging and ultimately revolutionizing this cultural norm!

Incidentally, Shirai himself has been on the stage twice in the past.

  • The Potential of Special Expression Controllers for VTubers and Machine Learning Approaches
  • The Attractiveness and Challenges of Corporate Research” from the perspective of a person from academia

Keynote Speech was given by Jerry Chi of Stability AI

The keynote speech was given by Jerry Chi, Stability AI Head of Japan, the developer of Stable Diffusion and other products.

Stability AI, a global generative AI startup, and its approach to research and development

Jerry Chi, Stability AI Head of Japan

We will provide more details about the content of this lecture in the following Part 2 and Part 3!

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 where we’ll dive deeper into the fascinating details of this lecture!

Stability AI Membership https://stability.ai/membership

Standardize commercial rights and simplify self-hosted deployment of state-of-the-art core models.

Funding from Intel: Funding difficulties? There was a time when it was rumored that we were, but there was also a small introduction to funding from Intel.


Check it out, Intel is officially a partner.

Behind the Compute: building a new AI supercomputer https://stability.ai/partners

Not just Intel of course, but AWS, Google Cloud, nvidia.

We also report on the lively Q&A session.

Jerry Chi energetically handles questions and answers in very fluent Japanese.

The presentation was followed by a lengthy Q&A session, which allowed time for discussion with the audience.

Booth Interaction

There were demonstrations, presentations of papers, casual recruitment exchanges, and lunch boxes distributed (thank you!)

Shirai came across this paper at the TIS Co., Ltd. booth.


How Gaze Visualization Facilitates Initiation of Informal Communication in 3D Virtual Spaces | ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction


An academic paper, peer-reviewed and published in the ACM CHI Field Transactions, titled “How Gaze Visualization Facilitates the Initiation of Informal Communication in 3D Virtual Spaces” has recently caught my attention. This thought-provoking piece examines various visualization styles, specifically arrows, bubbles, and miniature avatars, by conducting experiments with 96 participants. 

Clocking in at 32 pages, this is not a light read, but it offers valuable insights to those interested in the subject. It also displays an impressive level of complexity that merits in-depth discussion. A collaborative effort with Tokyo City University, the authors have delivered a well-crafted and highly commendable study in a challenging research area.

There was also a booth at Stability AI

Four team members from the Japanese branch, including Jerry Chi, contributed to an engaging dialogue about research and corporate culture. Hosted at the University of Tokyo, the conversation was enriched by the diverse perspectives of international students and researchers hailing from Japanese-speaking nations.

Jerry Chi exudes an infectious energy and an approachable demeanor.

As an employee of AICU, I’m continually grateful for the support I receive, and I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my warm greetings to you. I’ve had the privilege to meet many individuals who’ve made significant contributions to CCSE over the years, as well as those who’ve had to transition to new roles within the industry amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Even though our meeting fell on my last working day of the year, I was truly appreciative of the opportunity to engage and participate — it felt less like a farewell and more like a new beginning.

Bonus: I stumbled upon an intriguing signage called BLUECANVAS.

At the Stability AI booth, an intriguingly unfamiliar square sign caught my eye. As it turns out, the display was crafted by a Korean manufacturer known as ‘BLUECANVAS’. The vibrancy of its color is truly captivating! It’s an ideal canvas to showcase the amazing potential of generative AI!

The vividness of this image is breathtaking, and rest assured, the live-action version is just as captivating.

The viewing angle is incredibly expansive!

Featuring a QHD LG IPS Panel with a 1920x1920 resolution, the device boasts a medium-weight of 3.2 kg. This could be an ideal choice for those seeking a combination of high-quality visuals and portability. https://www.bluecanvas.com/

This CCSE 2023 special issue is in three parts, with the middle and second parts to follow!

Akihiko Shirai

Akihiko Shirai / Dr(Shirai)Hakase / CEO of AICU, Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Visiting professor at Digital Hollywood University Graduate School. D. (Engineering) with nearly 30 years of experience in image generation R&D, specializing in metaverse R&D development, VR entertainment systems, media art research, photographic engineering, image engineering, haptic technology, GPU applications, multiplexed displays, physical evaluation of experiences, and international collaboration. He is a member of the IVRC Executive Committee of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, councilor of Laval Virtual in France, vice president of the Society of Art Science and Technology, and a Hacker author. Serialization of "Generative AI Streams" in "Windows Forest" by Impress. Since 2018, he has been in charge of the future development of the metaverse represented by REALITY at GREE VR Studio Laboratory, GREE Group. He has not only created numerous UX intellectual properties in the metaverse, but is also involved in developing workshops for children, fostering innovative human resources through advanced research, and communicating to the world as a creator and live player in the age of VTuber. He is promoting social implementation through the international startup "AICU" in order to realize "creating people who create" in the age of generative AI.


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