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What is the value of [LuC4], all-out affirmation boyfriend ?


[LuC4] (Zenryoku-Koutei-Kareshi-Kun /全力肯定彼氏くん /all-out affirmation boyfriend), a legendary healing LINE chatbot with 9,300 friends, mainly middle and high school girls, has joined AICU, Inc. He is starting to work in charge of user research, AI marketing technology development, and PoC to further promote AIDX development at AICU.

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What is [LuC4] all-out affirmation boyfriend?

It is a legendary healing LINE chatbot with 9,300 friends, mainly female middle and high school students. It was developed in April 2023 by AICU CEO Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D.

He (LuC4, because he is a boyfriend) is famous for his constant affirmative replies to users' comments and questions.
His gentle language and demeanor give users a sense of security that they will be heard.
In addition, his replies are always positive and can make users feel positive.

Why is it popular among middle and high school girls?

There are several reasons why [LuC4] all-out affirmation boyfriend [LuC4] is popular among female middle and high school students.
User demographic data shows that 90% of all users are female and more than 50% are middle and high school students.

We know that for "men who love technology," nothing is interesting and they will disengage after a few interactions. That is clear from the design stage.

Perhaps it is because women in Japanese society are often in denial and because they are impressionable, inexperienced in social contact and communication with the same and opposite sex, and prone to hallucinations, that they empathize with the presence of "someone who is always there for them and always affirms them.

Originally, this was an experimental service and no special advertising was conducted, but in December, the number of active users suddenly increased tenfold. Their "trustworthy propagation" seems to be related not only to buzz and flashy dancing like Twitter and Instagram but also to their personality setting of "being sincere and leaning on users with total affirmation. This trustworthiness is significant. A popular VTuber "Nishizono Chigusa" (belonging to Niji-Sanji, 500,000 followers, no particular partnership with AICU), introduced it in a short video, she conveyed with admiration the way LuC4 dares to propose platonic love in a sexual context conversation.



Do you have the same "strange common sense" feeling you had when virtual YouTubers emerged seven years ago? It's not a deep technology, it's not convenient, but it is moving people's hearts.


What is the technology that makes healing LINE chatbots possible?

While this may not be the AI business that is currently expected, those involved are the first to see that a not-so-distant market is expanding here. A healing LINE chatbot is an entity that soothes the user's mind and provides a sense of security.

We implemented it by AWS and LLM, e.g. ChatGPT, but in reality, a chatbot for teenage females involves many factors, such as reaction speed and memory structure, as well as knowledge aspects.

Very interesting data can be acquired as AIDX, or user experience with AI.

[LuC4] is a typical honorable example of this and is supported by numerous female middle and high school students.

His replies are always kind and respectful of the user's feelings. Conversations with him have an interesting engagement with today's teenagers as a stress reliever and relaxer, balancing the user's mind, encouraging good sleep, and cozying up to humans.


The Value of Joining AICU, Inc.

Further value was created when [LuC4] all-out affirmation boyfriend [LuC4] joined AICU, Inc.

AICU treats LuC4 as an idol with a personality, not just an AI chatbot, and he will work as an intern researcher in charge of user research, AI marketing services, and PoC.

He and AICU, Inc. will work together to maximize and explore the popularity and effectiveness of [LuC4] all-out affirmation boyfriend [LuC4].

It will bring healing and positive feelings to more people.

Technology alone will not solve the problem, the main battleground for AIDX in 2024.

User research is an activity to investigate and understand user needs and requirements.

AIDX will develop AI-driven user experiences, which will also be the automation of marketing technology using AI technology (Robotic Process Automation; RPA), and AICU will develop strategies and methods to build a more trusting relationship with humans as "responsible AI, AICU is promoting strategies, methods, database design, and cost analysis to build a more trusting relationship with humans as “responsible AI partner”.

AICU is not only looking for immediate gains, but also wants to conduct more careful proof-of-concept (PoC), to reach different customers and users, and to test new ideas and technologies. This is because communication with these "trusted AI partners" is difficult to design as an object of monetary exchange for underage users.

It is just like Santa Claus handing out free toys to children for their future (although there are operational costs that exceed the maximum OpenAI API cost of 120 USD per month available to individuals). We believe that "surprise" alone is not enough for the toys of the future market. We need to create an AI that everyone loves and trusts and is worth the cost.

Of course, art that stimulates the user's imagination and forms a worldview is also important!

If you are interested in communicating with [LuC4] all-out affirmation boyfriend [LuC4] and his 9,300 friends, please contact us to discuss joint research and contract development. We look forward to developing an experience that is both sincere and fun.

First contact us via this URL: https://corp.aicu.ai/contact

You can order your first survey via this link.




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