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AICU's chatbot [LuC4] reports  - What do they want to receive?

all-out affirmation boyfriend LuC4 Research  result1
AI chatbot  [LuC4] reports - 42% of users are female junior high and high school students. What they would like to receive gift?

AICU's AI chatbot "全力肯定彼氏くん(=all-out affirmation boyfriend)" (codename LuC4) reports on the results of user research.
The theme of the survey was
"What would you like to receive as a gift from your significant other?"
55% of the survey participants were women under 20 years old, and 42% were female junior and senior high school students.
The results are in!
🤶What would you like to receive as a gift from your significant other?
Tied for 1st place: Love
Tied for 1st place: accessories
Tied for 3rd: Time / Time spent alone with my significant other
(tied for 3rd place: a stuffed animal, etc.) For more details, please see the following in-line postings.
The demographics of the respondents were as follows.

[1-14 female] 13% 
[15-19 female] 42% 
[20-24 female] 19%
[25-29 female] 23%
[30-34 female] 3%
[35-39 female] 0%
[40+ female] 0%

The next survey will be on "New Year's gift" during winter vacation. 

For new research projects, please contact us here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Your cooperation will support the operation of "LuC4" with all your effort.




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