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Creating People Who Create
in the AIDX era

In the Creative AI golden age, AICU not only offers technical solutions but also extends the possibilities of diverse individuals. We lead in fostering creativity through AIDX technology, IP, and creator global networks. Our mission, Creating Creators to amplify human potential across all fields, driving value transformative inclusivity.

A New Yellow Book of "Stable Diffusion Start Guide"

AICU Inc. is a partner of Stability AI

Stable Diffusion Start Guide (Japanese Book published by SB Creative)
AICU is a partner of Stability AI

Product description

AICU media, a leading media for creative AI in the Japanese market and strategic partner of Stability AI, the developer of "Stable Diffusion," and Dr. Prof. Akihiko SHIRAI, CEO, have developed a textbook that condenses all the history, technology, machine learning, techniques, and ethics of AI image generation for certification courses and workshops that are the foundation of AI image generation. A textbook that condenses all the art, technology, CG history, machine learning, techniques, and ethics built for AI image creation certification courses and workshops.
(translation project will be welcome) 


Product description

日本市場におけるクリエイティブAIのリーディングメディアであり「Stable Diffusion」を開発したStability AIの戦略パートナーである AICU mediaと白井暁彦博士(AICU Inc., CEO) 中心にAI画像生成の基盤となる認定講習やワークショップのために構築したアート、テクノロジー、CGの歴史、機械学習、テクニック、倫理をすべて凝縮した教科書。

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AICU's service and products

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AI Science Communication Emerging from Human-Written Tech Blogs

We source high-quality contributions to AI applications that are made possible through the cooperation of experienced humans and AI, and provide services in a variety of media for scientific communication to help society at large understand and utilize the latest comprehensive information on AI, which is difficult to even follow due to its rapid evolution.

Collaboration, with authors who write over 300 AI technical information blogs per year, and a network of creators in the age of Creative AI.
Multiple book publications on Creative AI globally (scheduled for publication in Q1 2024), including the "Generative AI Stream," a series of articles in Windows Forest, first published in 1996 as an introduction to Windows online software news, with the world's leading companies in Generative AI. 

International event organizing and supports

Japan's largest AI community event "Tokyo AI Festival" will be held in Shibuya on March 23-24, 2024. AICU will participate as an advisor and sponsor of this event.
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Stabiitliy AI and AICU

AICU: AI Creator advocacy Union

AICU is AI Creator advocacy Union that seriously supports creators. The world has yet to understand the real use and value of generative AI (you've noticed), and AICU is ready to climb the hill of the generative AI enlightenment period that exists within companies and society together. We produce example projects, blog, workshops, hackathons, talks, and online/offline internships to openly share our passion and knowledge, develop services that create value, and seriously help the creator community thrive. Let's turn humanity's creativity and inquisitiveness into value, not just for geeks, but for the broader society, including students, people with disabilities, and people with positions in society!

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